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“Coaching is the art of facilitating, the performance, learning and development of another.”

Miles Downey


Inside Edge Coaching works at a deep level. We acknowledge and understand just how challenging it can be to make subtle, yet profound, changes to our daily routines, habits and working styles.

Inside Edge Coaching uses a variety of tried and tested approaches from the maturing profession of coaching. We only use qualified and experienced coaches who have both breadth and depth of coaching experience and who are members of the Association of Coaching (AOC), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) or the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Inside Edge Coaching is effective for staff at levels – it is about behavioural change on the outside driven by change on the inside. A refined awareness of self and others underpins all personal change and allows greater flexibility and choice in behaviour.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals looking to make the next step up in terms of their performance or seniority at work
  • High performers who need to consistently raise their performance
  • Individuals who are experiencing major changes or transitions in their personal or professional life
  • Managers who are supporting and leading others through organisational change
  • Leaders who are looking to enhance and develop their style or personal impact
  • Staff who have reached a plateaux at work and need to reconnect with their motivation
  • Mid-career professionals who wish to reconsider their career direction and set new goals
  • Anyone who is committed to getting more out of themselves and changing their lives

We provide coaching in three formats. These can be followed exclusively or mixed depending on circumstances or needs.

Work based coaching
we come to you at your place of work for face to face sessions.
Telephone based coaching
following an initial face to face meeting, coaching can be undertaken through a series of calls of up to 60 minutes duration. Additionally this medium can be useful for follow up sessions, for overseas clients where face to face is impractical or for ‘one off’ sessions when a relationship has already been established through earlier face to face sessions.
‘Open space’ coaching
we meet at an agreed place in the outdoor environment. The coaching is provided by a coaching practitioner who is also a competent and qualified outdoor practitioner. The unique outdoor environment is purposefully used to take 1:1 coaching to another level. Outdoor landscapes can act as a metaphor for the challenges faced by the coachee and we find we can work powerfully with clients on visioning, values, beliefs and identity through working within this unique and inspiring space for insight and personal change.

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