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Our skills programmes help managers become better managers.

Management Skills Programmes

Inside Edge has a variety of specific content led programmes to help managers build their skills and capabilities in their roles. Management has never been more demanding with competing and conflicting demands of customers, stakeholders, business managers and staff.

Managers are expected to have the traditional skills of planning and organising work, setting objectives, conducting performance reviews and ensuring work processes are efficient and clear.

Today’s managers have further demands. They are also expected to be more strategic, act as leaders within the organisation and be helpful coaches to aid staff development. They are also expected to have sufficient personal impact and influence to achieve their aims when they do not always have direct authority or control over another department or person. Simply escalating problems to another level is rarely seen as effective management so further skills and strategies are required.

Leadership Skills

We believe leadership to be a specific attitude, set of skills and behaviours that can be developed within people at work. Leadership is about action, impact and results and applies equally on the shop floor to very top of organisations. It is about a making a decision to lead instead of managing.

Use the “Leadership Action Checklist” to help identify your leadership strengths and areas of development.


We have a number of tried and tested modules that we run in an introductory format (½ day ) or 1 or 2 days for real skill development including peer and coach feedback.

For new managers the following modules are appropriate

  • Management essentials
  • Personal effectiveness and managing stress
  • Coaching and Facilitation skills
  • Feedback skills
  • Team leadership

For more experienced managers

  • Influencing skills at work
  • Coaching skills for line managers
  • Managing performance of individuals and teams
  • Managing conflict
  • The ‘Challenge of Leadership’

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Services we offer

Who is it for?

  • Team members seeking to make the step up into management
  • Team members who would benefit from team skills alongside their technical competence
  • First line managers with responsibility for improving their teams performance
  • Experienced managers who want to integrate a coaching or more facilitative approach into their management style
  • Managers who are leading or supporting others through organisational change
  • Managers who need to increase their influence and impact beyond their own line authority
  • Senior managers who need to lead more strategically