potential into performance

“What sets apart high-performance teams apart however, is the degree of commitment, particularly how deeply committed the members are to one another”

Jon R Katzenbach & Douglas K Smith
The Wisdom of Teams

Teams work best when they have:

A clear and compelling purpose - they know why they are there and are committed.

A Diversity of skill sets - complimentary skills are valued and respected.

Relationships that are authentic enabling honest communication between members


Team and Organisational development

Inside Edge provides first class team development through skilful facilitation. The quality of the dialogue and relationships between team members underpins all team development - our approach reflects this truth.

Inside Edge has developed an approach to team development that is based on years of working with teams, small and large, virtual and real, project and cross-functional and with teams at the top of organisations.

In recent years we have worked with steel workers moving towards self management and accountability, aeronautical engineers moving into project teams, customer service managers forming management operations teams and health professionals looking a changing their independent work cultures to a more inter-dependent team and relationship based approach.

Inside Edge works collaboratively with you to ensure we deliver the right team event for you. We agree the parameters for the programme and following initial diagnostics we will suggest the way forward and design a bespoke event.

Whether you are seeking a specific team build or developing team-skills or behaviours in your people, we have solutions that will work. Real work issues can be addressed directly; we provide the skills, awareness and understanding to allow high quality conversation to take place.

Individuals simply need clarity about these fundamentals whilst working in teams

Why are we here?
The core purpose for our team
What is my role?
The specific expectations everyone has for me
How do we behave with each other?
The values and behaviour that we hold ourselves to

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