potential into performance


Darren Hockaday - LOROL HR Director

LOROL have successfully worked with Inside Edge to support a development programme of managers that serve our front line customer service employees. This was at a time of rapid growth where equipping managers with Inside Edge coaches helped them prioritise people based issues and at the same time developed their own coaching skills and techniques to get the most from the relationships from their teams. Additionally LOROL have worked with Inside Edge over a number of years to facilitate and accelerate the development Executive Team to enable team working and meeting structure along with objective setting of annual and longer terms goals.

What we have found most effective is how Inside Edge truly understand and appreciate the challenges faced by the business and its people. Gary Morgan has a genuine flair for getting to the heart of the issues aided by solid experience of a cross range of business working with employees at all levels.. He is insightful and demonstrates first class facilitation skills. Importantly, Gary is tenacious in working with clients to identify and implement solutions and we would happily recommend his work.

Dr Jeremy Jones - MD FRACP FAFRM Consultant Rheumatologist North Wales

We are a team of health professionals from all sorts of different backgrounds who treat people with pain, disability, and deformity from arthritis. When invited to help us with team building, Inside Edge had us exploring our personalities and the way we respond to events.

What a revelation! We saw X and Y respond quite differently to the same situation; we saw how differently team members made decisions; and the way in which our personalities influence how we interact with each other (or don't!). Perhaps my most important learning was that most people view the world in a different way from how I do. Our sessions were great fun; full of laughs and learnings about ourselves and each other. As a result our team is stronger, it functions more effectively and we have even more fun. In addition our new knowledge means we now tailor our treatment to the patients' personalities as well as their joints. In brief our contacts with Inside Edge have been great fun and educational and have added wider dimensions to our team and to our patient care.

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith - Sports Doc Founder

We have used Inside Edge a number of times to assist with our professional development both as practitioners and as members of teams. The process is very interactive, highly informative, has helped us to develop effective strategies for working with colleagues of very different personality types, and really helped to gel our team. I found Gary to be highly astute about what's ‘really going on’; he is gently probing and challenging, without being confrontational. He's one of those rare people who can guide, yet encourage self-reliance and ownership of a problem, and I absolutely wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. The bottom line is that Inside Edge broke helped us break through our stone wall, and as such, I consider their services a wonderful investment. I can't thank them enough.

Catherine Havard - Psychotherapist and World Coastal Rowing Champion

"We knew what we needed to achieve physically to improve our performance for the forthcoming World Championships but were being hindered by our attitude to our race. Gary's help with this was invaluable and was an essential contribution to the medals we finally brought home.

Gary was able to identify our different personalities and help us understand ways in which we could use these differences to our benefit. He brought into sharp focus the different stages of the race and with skill, facilitated us to turn the most negative thoughts into a winning mind set.

Throughout our work Gary always showed great enthusiasm, genuine interest and gave careful attention to understand exactly where we were getting stuck. He was a pleasure to work with."

James Hickman - Five times World Champion 200 metres butterfly and founder of Made in Manchester

As an experienced coach and as someone who has experienced extensive coaching in high level sport I really valued Gary's approach. This allowed fresh and new perspectives to be formed and acted upon and I recommend his work.

Catrin Rutherford - Senior manager Provider Services - NHS Wales

Our experience with Inside Edge Training has been very positive. They clarify the objectives of the training with us and then tailor their training to achieve the required staff development and performance.

Staff respond well to their relaxed but structured training programmes. Our staff look forward to training run by Inside Edge.